Customise any wall to work with magnets and boost creativity and collaboration...

commercially savvy...

The Commercial Sector was quick to appreciate the ROI of magnetic walls.
From start-ups to large corporations – all seek cleaner, unobtrusive ways to improve creativity, collaboration and productivity. 
Magnets are ideal for display, signage or decoration. Our wallcovering surfaces enable any custom print, wallpaper with special laminates for dry-erase, chalk or projectors.
Customise walls and magnets to project brand values in a totally new way.

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blended learning...

The Education Sector has long recognised the use of magnetic media in classrooms.
Now, it is also seeing the benefit of less conventional uses such as; branding,  displays, projectors, seasonal decor, games and break out learning spaces.

healthy minds...

The Health Sector has many demanding applications for wall surfaces.
Safety, Hygiene, Efficiency and Cost are but a few on the list. 
Ferrous wallcoverings are becoming established as uniquely flexible in meeting these needs.

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a family affair...

The Private Sector includes family life at home. While most parents are familiar with fridge magnets, it is the imagination of interior designers that is pushing this sector to embrace ferrous walls in bedrooms, kitchens, study and transit spaces.

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